Hichame Selmaoui

Hichame is the Vice President of CPCS's International division. Hichame holds a Master's degree in Economics Expertise and International Project Management (with Honours) from University Paris XII in France and a Master's degree in International Economics, Money and Finance from Universita La Spienza di Roma in Italy, the University of Business Administration Maastricht in the Netherlands and the Université des Sciences Sociales Toulouse in France. Hichame has deep knowledge of development issues surrounding transportation and energy infrastructure. He has vast experience with projects financed by international funding organizations such as the World Bank, African Development Bank and the European Union, for which he has led many major projects. Among his numerous achievements, he led a study on the Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) financed by the African Development Bank. This project involved coordinating the work of more than thirty infrastructure experts throughout the continent and administering a budget of over 7 Million USD. He has extensive experience preparing reports and studies on infrastructure and has significant practical experience in establishing and maintaining partnerships between institutions, African development partners and international funding organizations. Since 2013, he has supported several governments through concession negotiations for infrastructure development and has provided advice on technical and financial structuring with the goal of ensuring equitable structuring of development projects. Before joining CPCS as a Principal Consultant in 2014, in his capacity as an economist, Hichame developed methodologies used for infrastructure projects on behalf of international funding organizations.