Vivek Sakhrani


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Global Director - Global Infrastructure Analytics Unit

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (2015)
Master of Science (SM) in Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (2010)
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) (2008)

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Vivek Sakhrani is the Global Director - Global Infrastructure Analytics Unit within CPCS. He is a systems engineer with significant expertise in infrastructure project organization, analytics and modeling. He has worked with local, regional and national governments to assess the relative impacts of different modes of infrastructure delivery, including public-private partnerships (PPPs). In much of this work, Vivek provides policy-relevant advice based on strategic frameworks and detailed analytic investigations. He has led studies on infrastructure PPPs from the perspectives of design, contracting, and governance in transportation (airports, roads), water, and energy. He has consulted for and partnered with water and energy sector utilities, public authorities, private firms, and multi-lateral agencies. Prior to CPCS, Vivek led and published research in a number of initiatives at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he also received both his PhD (Engineering Systems) and Master’s (Technology and Policy). He received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business from the University of Texas at Austin.