The Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana invites Expressions of Interest for the PPP Office Accommodation Project

CPCS is the Transaction Advisor for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Ghana services for the development of a well-structured bankable PPP Project to enable the smooth and timely procurement of a suitable private party ("Developer") to provide the Office Accommodation Complex in accordance with the National Policy on PPPs.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Ghana intends to undertake the development of an accommodation and a mixed commercial complex (“Mixed-use Complex”) on Plot No. 30, 3rd Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana, through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Agreement under which the SEC gives a selected private party, rights to the commercial use of the land.

SEC will enter into a PPP agreement with a private partner for a period that will provide a fair return on investment for the private party, and the private party will be responsible for the Design, Build, Finance, Market, Commercialize, Operate, and Maintain and Transfer of the Mixed-use Complex.

 The site is approximately 1.56 acres.  The GPS coordinates of the site are Latitude: 5.584076 and Longitude: -0.167614. It is located at Cantonments, an affluent and planned settlement that is occupied mainly by the wealthy, academics and government officials. In addition, many diplomatic missions in Ghana are in Cantonments. As such, properties in the areas surrounding the site comprised higher-end developments, including newer multi-unit residential developments and international embassies/missions and related housing.

As part of establishing the feasibility of this project, particularly to establish what scale and type of market interest there is in this opportunity, SEC now invites credible prospective and interested private investors and operators to express their interest in participating in the project.  Shortlisted parties will be invited to submit detailed bids containing specific financial, technical and functional proposals. A Request for Expression of Interest (REoI) document, setting out further details is available from the address below from 8.00 hrs. to 5.00 hrs. GMT on weekdays:

Mailing Address:

The Director General,

Securities and Exchange Commission,

P.O. Box CT6181, Cantonments,

Accra, Ghana.

Street Address:

No. 30, 3rd Circular Road,


Accra, Ghana,


Contact Person:

Mr. Alexander Williams

Ag. Director General


Telephones: +233-302-768970-2

Toll free: +233-0800-10065

Facsimile: +233-302-768984



A request for soft copies of the Request for Expression of Interest (REoI) document may also be sent to

In accordance with the REoI instructions, interested entities are required to submit their Expression of Interest to undertake the project under a PPP scheme in Soft Copy to, or in Hard Copy not later than 22nd June 2017.