CPCS writes the book on managing state transportation research programs

Many US state departments of transportation (DOTs) develop vibrant research portfolios to help their agencies innovate and to inform their publicly funded investments and operations. Yet, there is little guidance on how DOTs can organize or manage research and innovation. To fill this gap, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) published a CPCS-authored report: Managing State Transportation Research Programs (NCHRP Synthesis 522). The report consolidates previous literature and combines it with in-depth survey responses from 44 state DOTs.  Five detailed case studies provide agency-level perspectives on opportunities and challenges.  The report is the most comprehensive synthesis of state agency research program management practices to date and provides insights for public agencies organizing for research. In particular, the guide shows how state DOT research programs with differences in agency needs, resources, and constraints are nonetheless able to produce research programs of high quality and value.

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