Capacity Building and Training Services

CPCS's success in introducing a more commercial approach to infrastructure management often depends on the extent to which institutions can respond and adapt to change.  CPCS works with public sector clients to improve service and increase effectivity.

CPCS Solutions

  • Assessment and strengthening of the capacity of the client to perform key roles, such as policy, planning and regulation
  • Diagnosis of organizational and human resource strengths and weaknesses
  • The design of new or strengthened institutional arrangements that fit the circumstances including the development of corresponding financial plan
  • Help to implement these plans, ensuring our clients can absorb new projects and effectively transition to market-oriented management system
  • Utilize our on-the-ground experience to devise solutions that are workable in practice and not just on paper

Most of our Transaction Advisory mandates include capacity building and training of PPP Units, PPP nodes, Contracting authorities and Ministry staff as applicable during the assignment.

CPCS cover all aspects of training:

  • Training programs: assessing training needs, design and preparation of training programs, support to the implementation of training schemes, evaluation of results;
  • Implementation of training actions: conception, design, seminars and workshops, training of personnel, training “on the ground”, lunchtime sessions, organisation of study trips, development of “do-it-yourself” exercises and training manuals;
  • Training of trainers.
  • Training covers PPP basics and more advanced topics, tendering processes and procedures, evaluation methodologies and documentation, negotiation skills, post contract management, etc.