Integrated Transport Master Planning

In a world where efficient transportation infrastructure is essential for economic growth, scarce infrastructure funding must be directed toward the projects with the most impact. Given the networked nature of transportation infrastructure and operations, impact can only be fully understood from a multimodal perspective.

CPCS specializes in the development of transportation projects and plans that consider local, regional, national, and international connectivity. We cover all modes of transportation: air, marine, pipeline, rail, road, intermodal, and the connections between these modes. We provide comprehensive and strategic advice on structuring transportation systems to improve infrastructure efficiency, facilitate trade, investment, environmental sustainability, and economic growth.

CPCS brings a unique understanding of global supply and value chains, including the needs, challenges, and opportunities faced by shippers, carriers, brokers, and governments.  We offer a diversity and depth of experience in planning multimodal transportation infrastructure founded on hundreds of successful projects in both emerging and developed economies.

 CPCS Solutions

  • GIS mapping of infrastructure
  • Assessment of infrastructure capacity
  • Freight and passenger traffic analysis and forecasting
  • Transportation infrastructure investment prioritization
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Analysis of regulations and policies affecting supply and value chains
  • Assessment of economic impact of transportation infrastructure investment
  • Development of institutional structures to support efficient supply chains
  • Urban planning and development
  • Analyze the potential for real estate appreciation and suggest mechanisms to capture this additional value (land value capture).